What I bring to the table

The focus of my work for you is to work with your group to find a competitive advantage that will stand the test of time. My 30 years of hands-on experience with sales and marketing efforts in the water sector will provide you with effective street-level application knowledge that outpaces any other marketing services companies vying for your attention.

Although techniques of business development and emerging marketing approaches may appear overwhelming, it starts with understanding who your client is, what is important to them, and how they make decisions. 

In order to be effective it does not need to be complicated. Rather, by taking some time to consider and plan, a road map can be laid out. Setting up ways to observe and incrementally measure results will provide a reliable method to remain agile and adaptive to unique customer behaviors and insights. 

Take a moment to explore my Scope of Services page. This represents a logical process to develop your dynamic marketing strategies and tactics. This allows for your efforts to become increasingly precise and relevant as you exercise the plan that we will work out together.  

There are some of you who are well along the way on this methodology. The services offered is designed to approach marketing execution in increments. It could be as simple as a current marketing technique evaluation report to help you benchmark your market presence and technique along with a list of recommendations. Or perhaps the focus needs to be much more involved where we develop the plan and I work with your group to help them execute, measure, and adjust.

Bottom line is: It is my goal to help convert your marketing dollars from an expense into a powerful revenue generator.